Happiness is a State of Mind

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Happiness is a state of mind. The dictionary definition is "feelings of joy and pleasure mingled together”. A feeling of happiness is more than just an experience of joy or pleasure. It is a state of mind where the individual feels that “life is good”. As Aristotle says, “happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” I believe that everyone wants to be happy in life. One is abnormal if he prefers to be sad and alone. Happiness is something that must be practice according to John Lubbock. Well, I guess he’s right. I know happiness will come deep within us if only we set our minds on it. How could I promote happiness? Of course by beginning with myself. The saying, “10 percent is what happens to us and 90 percent is how we react with it” is one of my favorite. I may not be able to control what will happen to me, but surely, I always have the power over my emotions. In every circumstance, whether it may be good or bad, I must always keep those smiles plastered in my face. I must be thankful to God in whatever things happen for I know He’s always in control of everything. Another thing to do is for me to know my purpose in life. Since I already knew it, and I already realized what I really wanted in life, it is important for me to have a lot of faith in God and have self-confidence inside. Next is for me to, share God’s love to other people… it may be through serving others. The feeling of making other people happy is something that I would never trade. Enjoying the company of my love ones also would bring happiness to me. If I would make a way to get even closer to my family and friends… I bet that would be a sure source of happiness. Mark Twain believes that whoever is happy will make others happy, too. So if I wanted to promote happiness to others, I must have that happiness first. I could promote happiness to others by means of always smiling to them.

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