Happiness Is A Choice

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What is happiness? Happiness is an inner state of well-being and fulfilment, and therefore it has to come from inside. Every individual has his or her own emotions and way of thinking and as a result of this no one can really say what happiness is and what happiness is not. However, universally, happiness is a by-product of a healthy attitude and viewpoint. Happiness exists in everyone whether they choose to acknowledge and believe it or not. It is not rare nor is it something only the elite have: everyone has it but not everyone recognizes it. Contentment is finding a light at the end of every dark tunnel and in order to experience this we must ignore the pessimism surrounding us and remind ourselves that happiness is not a materialistic object but a choice and frame of mind. Contrary to belief, genuine happiness is very rarely found at the bottom of a shopping basket or on the leather seats of a brand new car. Often we hear the cliché saying “Money can’t buy happiness” but this is in fact true. Whilst the elation and delight brought from finally owning a wanted item is extraordinary, you must remind yourself that your happiness should not become dependant upon your ownership of this item. Being happy is not something you can purchase from a shop or car dealership, it is the way you take on life. Unfortunately, happiness does not have its own aisle at shops and never will. Happiness is how something is viewed as opposed to a physical thing. However, happiness is not only a perspective but also a choice. Success and happiness are frequently linked to contentment but happiness should not be dependent on success. In spite of not succeeding in my chosen sport of horse riding the enjoyment it provided for me far outweighed any d... ... middle of paper ... ... minor flaws but now I understand that being content simply is just choosing to be. Obviously, the change of one’s approach to life is not instantaneous and will take time and effort but that is where my new found optimism comes into play. I know that life will never be immaculate and unblemished because after all, that is how life is. It is more a matter of perspective. I used to say the glass was half empty but now it seems to make more sense to say it’s half full. Neither of these expressions is inaccurate, but one of them makes life slightly more tolerable. I can now appreciate that happiness is essentially in the mind and it seems to me that if you spend your life in a cynical frame of mind, surely everything you do is surely a waste. The choice to be happy is one that anybody can make and it is this choice that ultimately determines how you live your life.

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