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College education has always been seen as a gateway to making more money and living a better life. Going to college was seen as the next step that any ambitious American must take in order to make something of themselves and make their parents proud. Teachers fill their student’s heads with propaganda by telling them the only way to achieve their goal is through a proper education and with that, there is nothing they cannot do; however that is no longer the case. College takes years of diligent work and sacrifice to complete and in many cases result in the graduate being unemployed. Many people cannot handle the stress that comes with attending college and end up giving up on their dream. With the declining economy, it has become hard for students who did manage to graduate to get a job or to even afford an education. While getting a proper education is important in order to get a good job or a career, going to college is no longer the best option. Americans should no longer go to college since it has a high cost for attending, with no guaranteed rewards and there are better options available. One of the main reasons why Americans should not go to college is because it is a waste of time. Getting a college degree requires a devotion of a huge amount of time from the students. This time will be spent taking notes in class, doing hours of homework, studying for exams, and hoping that one day all of that hard work will pay off. While this is an important process, this time is also wasted on classes that chosen by the school, not by the student. Most colleges require that their students be well-rounded by taking classes that have nothing to do with their career path. Campus Explorer explains that: “Distribution requirements were c... ... middle of paper ... ...they cannot find a job then the multiply years they spent of college will be wasted. Many of the high paying jobs that were once offered to these graduates have gone overseas leaving them to work the same minimal wage jobs as those who never bothered to go to college. While there are many people who believe that going to college is required for a better life, there are better and cheaper options available to those potential students. They could volunteer, become an intern, start their own business, go to trade school, or earn a certificate; there are lots possibilities. College is no longer that stepping stone that will help people to reach success, and has become a process that will send students into financial ruin if they are not careful. Succeeding in this day in are requires classes that are flexible, reliable and cheap; which is something college cannot offer.
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