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Country: Sudan Committee: United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC) Topic Area A: Illicit arms trade The unregulated and uncontrolled trade of small and light weapons is a persisting problem all around the world. This trade creates chaos and encourages violence everywhere. Small arms are easy to obtain. They're light, easy to handle, and they are rather cheap too. Since these types of weapons are small, they are easy to hide and transport. Some small arms may not create massive problems worth noticing, but their massive accumulation is what causes these problems to get even worse. This conflicts create a cycle. The accumulation of small weapons creates big problems, decreasing security and increasing violence, which ends up creating more demand for these types of arms. Most of the deaths caused by conflicts are directly related to the use of small weapons. This arms are the most used tool for criminals. They make much easier the violation of several human rights. These include: murder, rape, mutilation, torture, forced disappearance. The majority of these violations of the human ...

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