Why College Should be Free

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Over the past years of getting a college degree was the pathway to get a settle career. College has been a reason for people to carry on after high school. Now that tuition has been raised, getting a degree seems to drain students with more loans and could be in debt. College has been raised to the point where people rather start working at a minimum wage than continuing with school. Working on a part time job would be an easier choice rather than pursuing towards their degree. As people attend college, fees build up and students loaning money and possibly be in debt. Not only that, some may say college isn’t worth it, but it is. Getting a degree pays off at the end going towards your career path, making twice as much as you would work at a regular job. Students who have received a degree are slowly declining. To make adjustment, College should be free for
Student then wouldn’t have to stress about working at the same time just to pay tuition fees. Students today over work, using the rest of their money to get energy drinks keep going from doing homework and attending college courses daily. According to the New York Times Article “College for the Masses”, studies have claimed, “Enrolling more students in community colleges may well make economic sense. So, in all likelihood, would create more and better vocational training, for well-paid jobs like medical technician and electrician, which don’t require a bachelor’s degree.” This makes students pushed harder to focus on any college that will be offer free. Thus, it wouldn’t take them longer than the average 4 years, due to them working full time as well as schooling. With fees out the way parents don’t have to worry about not making enough savings for their child to be able to attend for college. Students would be more focused on any subject in school as they strive for their

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