What Are The Most Important Skills Important In Your Essay

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I have four class in this semester, but the most important one for me is ESL 097. In this class, I learned many useful skills such as how to write essay. Those skills can make my English better than before and help me learn the next level easily. I think there have four skills that I learned are very important, writing skills, grammar, buzzer warm up and have a presentation. The first skill that I want to talk about is writing skills. Writing is very important for students because most of the class need student to write essay. In this class, Ms. Lamoreaux use a whole semester to teach us how to write a good essay. I learned many skills about how to make my essay better such as how to add examples and supporting details in my essay. I remember in the beginning of the class, my essay cannot get high grade. I felt morose then I found Ms. Lamoreaux and asked why. Ms. Lamoreaux taught me that my essay need more example and supporting details. Example and supporting details can make my essay more interesting and supporting my opinion. I improved by learning those writing skills. Writing skills can make my essay better and help me easily to complete my studies. This is why that writing skills are very important for me to…show more content…
I think it is brainstorming. I did the buzzer warm up in the class begin, Ms. Lamoreaux would gave us some questions. A part of those questions are about grammar and the other parts are some topics for the writing. We will have 5 minutes to finish the grammar questions or use the topic for free writing. I think buzzer warm up is like a game. It not only can help my brain keep working but also wake me up because this class is begin in an early time. I always felt sleep. Buzzer warm up also can help me to review knowledge. I can found what kinds of knowledge I forgot. Buzzer warm up is very interesting and it also is one of the most important skill that I learned in this
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