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As a first year college student this course has taught me many core aspects to writing and critical thinking. Writing has not been one my strongest points in education, but I feel this course has helped me make strides in writing in many ways. This course has enlightened me on various aspects of writing and has taught me many different ways of writing quality essays. A few things that this course has taught me is how construct an acceptable thesis statement, how to prove my points in body paragraphs, and how to properly cite sources. Although I have learned an immense deal of writing skills within this course there some things I feel I can improve upon, such as, introductions and properly heading papers. One of the first skills I feel that I have gained throughout this course is the ability to prove my points in writing assignments. I feel that I have improved on making my readers know exactly the points I want to get across and the points that keep to the topic. For example, on essay number one in paragraph two, I wrote about the reasons of why I felt the stand your ground law needed to be changed or removed. To prove my point one of the reasons I spoke about was the Trayvon Martin incident, of which I felt could affect my readers on an emotional level and get readers to agree with my stance. I believe that proving your points and getting readers to accept and connect with your points is a tremendously essential aspect of writing that this course has taught me. I feel with the help of this course I have significantly improved in this aspect. Although I think essay number one was a quality paper, one regret I have on it would be not providing more history on the stand your ground law. Another aspect that I feel I have been suc... ... middle of paper ... ...on, this course has taught me many different aspects to writing that I was unaware of in high school. This course has been incredibly fulfilling for me and has been nothing short of an amazing experience. I truly believe all of the things I have learned within this course, such as, writing proper thesis statements, proving my points within the body, discussing topics that critically engage my readers, the use of grammar, and many other essential skills will help me tremendously on my educational path. Although I have learned many skills as to writing a quality essay, I know there are many aspects to writing I can improve on, such as, expanding on my introductions and providing more background within my topics to the readers. I am extremely grateful for the various skills I have learned throughout this course, and I fully intend to utilize them all as I move forward.
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