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Writing an essay often seems to be an overwhelming task for many individuals. For students like myself, who came from another country, writing can be more difficult and challenging. It can be very frustrating to fully comprehend an idea, and being unable to express it proficiently in English can be excruciating. For these reasons, assistance is often needed to become an effective writer. The focus of this paper is to demonstrate the process on how I organized and accomplished my most recent essay, and to identify the struggles I encountered when writing the paper. In addition, plans on how to improve my next paper, based on the teacher’s feedback from my previous essay, and topics including methods on how instructors can help develop my essay …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that writing an essay can be an overwhelming task for many individuals, especially for students who came from another country. the purpose of the paper is to demonstrate how they organized and accomplished their most recent essay.
  • Describes the steps they used to prepare and write their delegation paper. understanding assignment requirements was the first step, followed by establishing a thesis and finding pertinent data to support their arguments.
  • Opines that essays are not as effective without correct grammar and proper implementation of writing techniques.
  • Opines that teachers can help students improve their essay assignments by providing examples of good student writings and providing detailed feedback for syntax and grammar errors.
  • Explains that they have developed their writing preparation to help them become a better writer. they continue to work on their weaknesses and incorporate feedback from peers and instructors into their essays.

Understanding the assignment requirements carefully was the first step I made in preparation for writing the essay. Once I understood the assignment, my next step was to establish a thesis, followed by finding pertinent data to support my arguments. After analyzing the data collected, I generated an outline for the essay using the evidences I gathered. The outline would help me ensure that all the questions and requirements the assignment was asking for were answered, and that my answers can have a consistent flow of syntax and diction. After I had prepared my ideas and written an outline, I proceeded in writing my first essay draft, followed by editing, and then making sure that I followed the American Psychological Association (APA) format. The time spent on producing the content of the essay estimated to be approximately eight hours, while the time spent for editing was roughly an hour an a …show more content…

There are a variety of ways that teachers can do to assist students to meet this goal. One instance is providing and discussing examples of good student writings. This will help me and my fellow students to recognize the components of what makes good work and it would help students identify alternative methods to use when writing for a specific assignment. Providing detailed feedback for syntax and grammar errors can also be helpful in improving my writing. For example, instead of writing “awk” as a feedback on a poorly constructed sentence, it would be more helpful if the teacher were to provide reasons to why it was awkward and to give clear instructions. It may impede the teacher’s free time, but their help will give me an opportunity to use it as a guide when revising my writing and it will improve my future essay assignments.
Over the years of my schooling, I have gradually developed my writing preparation to help me become a better writer. I continue to find ways to improve my writing abilities by working on my weaknesses and by incorporating the feedback I receive from my peers and my instructors into my essays. At times, I still struggle when preparing to start my essay, but with precise and organized planning and obtaining the help of others, I am certain that I will become more proficient in my writing

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