English 101 Class Reflection Paper

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I have studied English since I was a grade seven, but the curriculum in my middle school and high school years, mainly focuses on reading and speaking components of language skills, with a little focus on writing. As a result, I never felt confident with any piece that I was asked to write. Writing has been a hurdle for me to succeed in college since most of the courses in college requires one or the other way writing skill. Consequently, I have decided to work on my writing skills, and have started working on it; even before, I started taking this English 101 class. I used to use a various educational material which I thought might help me to meet my writing goal. Some of the materials which I was using includes: TOEFL educational materials, You Tube resources, and various novels. All of these resources have helped me to polish my writing skills. Furthermore, after I started taking this class, I have learned to enjoy writing. I have made it a point to communicate my own thoughts and feelings as opposed to simply summarize the thoughts of famous writers and authors before me. This class builds up my confidence in my own writing and for that I am highly appreciative.
During the four week English 101 class, I have been able to
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On this essay the main difficult I had was failure to discuss one topic statement in one paragraph. On each paragraphs there were a mix up idea that it was difficult for a reader to fully understand the main message on each paragraph. The other difficulty I had was using a proper punctuation. I have tried to address those issues with reading English punctuation resources and also from a wonderful feedback I got from my professor. Furthermore, during developing this essay, I have learned different steps of writing an organized essay. Starting from brain storming, writing a draft, proof reading and editing. Those steps were a helpful tool to write a wonderful
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