Reflection Of Taking English 101

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Taking English 101 at the University of Alabama was definitely a challenge. There were many instances when I struggled to get my assignments done well and on time, but on the other hand, there were also moments when I was not worried about my assignments. I intend on enrolling in more UA Early College classes while in high school, and after graduating, I plan on attending the University of Alabama. Taking English 101 will help me throughout the rest of high school, and I will have a head start when beginning college in a couple of years. I intend on majoring in Music Education and minoring in Spanish when I go to college at UA. I will be required to take an abundance of classes throughout those years, and taking English 101 now has prepared…show more content…
I improved on many aspects of my writing throughout the duration of this class, but there are still some things I need to refine. Over the course my writing skills have gotten better due to the instructor’s feedback, peer reviews, and just me learning. I enjoyed peer reviews because sometimes it is easier to relate to someone my own age. The overall structure and flow of my essays have improved, as well as the use of word choice and quotations. Throughout this course, I was able to apply critical thinking and reading skills to different texts, compose essays with appropriate content development and organization, use correct style by practicing the steps of the writing process, and reflect on my own development as a writer. However, I still need to work on demonstrating correctness, including punctuation, mechanics, and…show more content…
I did four peer reviews on myself, and each time I realized that my writing had gotten better. In Module two, my thesis was poor. I knew it myself, and my instructor and peers showed me as well. In Module four, my thesis was much better. My professor and colleagues reinforced this opinion. Writing a thesis has always been a struggle for me. The beginning of this class was as well but over the course of English 101, I was able to learn how to write a thesis correctly, and now I can take what I learned with me to high school and future college classes I may take. The first essay that I wrote had many punctuation, grammar, and citation errors. My instructor and peers pointed them out, and I started realizing it on my own throughout the other essays I had to write. The most previous essay I had to write, the Argument Synthesis, had fewer grammar, punctuation, and citation errors, but those aspects could still be improved. In the Introduction Module, I said that I would like to become a better writer while taking this class. I had not made an A on any essay yet until the previous one. I made an A on the Argument Synthesis essay which made me feel that I had made much progress throughout this course. The progress made would not have happened without the help of my professor, colleagues, and the staff at the UA Writing Center. They all helped me write
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