The Reasoning behind ADHD Awareness Week

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What is the reasoning behind ADHD Awareness Week? Why are there more people involved like many other charities? I have heard that the reasoning behind ADHD Awarness Week is to support the cause and treatment for ADHD. I think this is a good cause, not only to raise money to support the scientific research on the causes of ADHD, but to also educate the community. ADHD has been the leading condition amongst children and young adults for a over several decades. Why was this condition not noticed back in the early decades? I can remember growing up as a young girl and I could never stay attentive at any given moment, I was always figity. Not being attentive is one of the advised symptoms of ADHD. Other symptoms of ADHD can include, talkative, certain mood swings, maybe sad all the time. Never can stay on task and sometimes even overly hyper.
As a child growning up, a lot of you may have had these certain condition. I think these the the normal conditions of a child in general. All children may not experience these certain condition at the same time in life, but I am sure nearly all ch...

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