Essay On ADHD And Learning Disabilities

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The Long Term Impact on Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

When I made the personal choice to pursue a degree in teaching, I knew in my heart that I would ultimately be working with children with disabilities. Children that are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) usually have more difficult time learning in the classroom setting, but sometimes the symptoms used to diagnose ADHD are not the only symptoms that surface in the classroom. I would like to find out how a child with ADHD is impacted if another diagnosis, such as a Learning Disability (LD), is also present. How that child is taught in the classroom might have long-term effects, well into adulthood. Specifically, what are some of the long-term effects of a dual diagnosis of ADHD/LD on a child’s future? The answer to this question might help teachers to better deal with each student’s individual learning ability and hopefully, guide them in finding the best teaching strategies for each individual special needs student.

Children with the diagnosis of ADHD usually possess varying degrees of hyperactivity, lack of focus or attention, and impulsivity. Some of the developmental issues that young children with ADHD deal with are - behavior control, learning issues, and socialization issues. As the child with ADHD moves into adolescence, they often deal with difficulties with peer interaction, anger management, and identity issues. Each of these developmental issues is very significant when their long term life impact is considered. The significance of these developmental challenges is exacerbated when another diagnosis is present. Children with a LD, deal with many of the same developmen...

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...h many developmental issues during their childhood and adolescent years, but when an additional diagnosis of a LD is included, the long term negative affects escalate. In Research Article One, I was surprised to learn that the author’s hypothesis of having a dual diagnosis of ADHD/LD did not lower a child’s self-perceived quality of life, but they did self-perceive deficits in psychosocial and physical functioning. In Article Two, the long-term negative effects for children with ADHD/LD, in the area of reading, social skills, and behavior issues were confirmed. Both of these studies indicate the need for prompt student intervention and support services to diminish the long term negative effects on their students. Another area of interest that could build on both of these studies would be to measure the effect of adequate intervention of students with ADHD/LD.
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