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  • Suffering

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    throughout the world and almost every person on the planet people go through or witness suffering and death everyday. I have experience and lived through suffering. Many people have different explanations for the reason of these terrible things but could this happen to benefit us. Martin Luther king say’s suffering is creative and redemptive but not in the original meanings we think. The meaning I associate with suffering is an uncomfortable state for an amount of time. This is not the text book definition

  • The Problem of Suffering

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    Problem of Suffering Suffering can be described as the condition of somebody who goes through some type of pain, distress, damage, grief or loss which occurs to themselves or someone they are close to. Many people have a negative outlook towards suffering but through this essay it will be shown how people have different views about suffering and when this occurs most. There is a wide range of views that people have of God in times of suffering. Usually when somebody undergoes suffering they

  • Life is Suffering

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    In Studies in Pessimism, Schopenhauer argues that suffering is intrinsic to human existence; that by nature we will experience suffering regardless of how we live our lives. Similar to Epictetus’ view, Schopenhauer states that the only way to minimize the amount of suffering one feels is by living a life of pure reason. This paper will examine both Schopenhauer’s characterization of human suffering and his recommendations for how to best live our lives. It will then argue that while his characterizations

  • Suffering and Hope

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    Most people think that suffering is a random, natural part of life but in actuality suffering is a mechanism used by the gods to either teach humanity a less, or use it for their own selfish needs. Throughout the book of Job God, or Yahweh used suffering to prove to the Accuser that he was loyal to Him, and not only because God had given Job a blessed life. The Roman pagan gods used suffer for their own personal vendetta such as when Odysseus blinded the Cyclops, who was the son of the Roman god

  • The Importance Of Suffering

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    Suffering can seem like the end of all ends or it can seem like your heart wants to break. In the end our hearts do not completely break or rip from our body. We can use suffering as a learning tool and a tool to strengthen who we are in life. I will discuss how my own suffering has allowed me to thrive in life and continue on without falter. I will also discuss how I believe God and religion plays a part within the role of suffering. Lastly, I will discuss how forgiving your arch enemy can be more

  • The Importance Of Suffering

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    me. (2 Cor. 12:8-9) It is my position that although God did not create suffering or disabilities, He allows them in order to show this dying world what his grace, mercy, and redemptive power looks like. Suffering is inevitable. It will effect each human that is born into this world, in one way or another. Suffering may come in one of many ways. It may be mental, emotional, physical, and/or socio economic. In addition, suffering could be concealed (internal) or apparent (external). Those with mental

  • Pain and Suffering

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    Development of Humans through Pain and Suffering Throughout our human life, we go through and endure pain and suffering in our own ways. They influence our way of thinking and merely what drive us to become mature characters. The idea of pain and suffering is one of the basic themes of, “The Odyssey Of Homer” translated by Richmond Lattimore. This epic narrative story talks about Odysseus journey home to the land of Ithaca, where he resides as king. The main question or idea that arises is, how does

  • Suffering in the Oresteia

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    In the Greek play, the Oresteia, suffering acts as a vital role in the lives of the main characters. One character, the chorus, discusses suffering at great length. The chorus is made up of old men who were too old to fight against Troy, and who often give the audience an inside view to the actions happening on stage. The chorus sites hubris, the Greek word referring to mortal pride or arrogance, as being the cause of many bad fates. Someone guilty of hubris aspires to be more and do more than

  • Understanding Suffering

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    Understanding Suffering The suffering of man is a very complicated matter that is most likely impossible to understand completely. It is a subject that people have grappled with since the dawn of recorded history. In fact, suffering is evident in every form of art man has created. Suffering is in our paintings, our poetry, our music, our plays, and in anything else that is conceivable. But still, we as a whole still struggle with the idea of suffering. It is my opinion that some individuals may

  • Suffering in Photographs

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    Suffering in Photographs Photographs are used to document history, however selected images are chosen to do so. Often times these images graphically show the cruelty of mankind. In her book, Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag asks, "What does it mean to protest suffering, as distinct from acknowledging it?" To acknowledge suffering is just to capture it, to point it out and show somebody else that it exists. In order to protest suffering, there has to be some sort of moral decision that