Adhd : Causes And Effects On Children

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ADHD: Causes and Effects on Children ADHD is a common acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. “ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that affects between five and seven percent of the population of children and adolescents and between one and three percent of adults” (Parker 2). ADHD is widely discussed and debated among professionals, scholars, parents and teachers. The first signs of hyperactivity alone were named in the late 1950s. ADHD is common among children today and many contend with the disorder. The causes of ADHD are still likely to be debated as many point the finger at a multitude of sources. Some of the possible causes are: heredity, environment, prenatal smoking, lead exposure, and diet. Although ADHD is still a topic for debate, there are many effects or symptoms children contend with and there are also many treatments. In order for a child to be diagnosed with ADHD a host of factors should be established first. The symptoms must be present by school age which is five to seven. A child must also present with a certain number of the symptoms to be diagnosed. The symptoms are frequently noticed by parents and teachers first. Doctors must evaluate the child and get information from other sources. The parents need to provide a history of behaviors, including the severity of the symptoms and when they started. If the child is in school the teacher needs to provide evidence for the doctor. There are many different symptoms of ADHD and some children exhibit the well-known ones, while other children produce lesser known symptoms. Some symptoms are well known, for instance hyperactivity and inattention. The inattentive side of ADHD consists of: ignoring details, avoids sustained thinking, easily distracted, ... ... middle of paper ... monitored by their physician. There is also non medication related ways to manage the disorder. Therapy for the child or family is also a great resource to utilize. Family therapy will not only help the child, but it will help the parents and siblings understand what is happening inside the ADHD child. Parents may opt to try herbal supplements, although a doctor should always be consulted before (Maher 136). Finally, ADHD is very common in today’s youth and it is a struggle for the child, parents, and teachers. The causes are still very controversial and none have been proven or “set in stone”. The best way for the child, parents, and teachers to manage this disorder is through a combination of medications and therapy. This disorder is an issue for many children and the effects it has on an individual and the loved ones around them needs to be better understood.

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