ADHD Impact on family

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The Impact on the Family

After reading the articles Driven to Distraction and Lost in Translation, both from Today’s Parent magazine, I have learned many new things. I learned that it is sometimes not very easy to pick out a child with ADHD, even if it is your own child. It could take years to discover that a child has ADHD. It can be easily detected once the child has entered elementary school. One of the signs of ADHD is falling behind in school, or acting up and not being able to pay attention for long periods of time. This causes frustration for the child, the parents, teachers and the other students in the classroom. It is difficult for parents because they do not want to believe that their child has a disability. It is even harder for the child because they are the ones that have to deal with the name calling, being held back a grade or two and just knowing that they are different. The issue of being different for a child living with ADHD is very stressful and could make the child not want to learn new things or pay attention in school. They just give up on trying to learn.
From these articles I have also learned that it is easier to pick out boys with ADHD than it is with girls. This is because the boys are generally more active, restless and known for impulsiveness. Girls with ADHD are normally up and down in regards to their grades. One day she will get zeros and the next will be perfects on the same assignments. The attention level that boys show tends to be the...
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