The Jewsih Holocaust

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Genocides have occured throughout recorded history and continue today. Before the Jewish Genocide, usually referred to as the Holocaust, there were traces of aggression towards the Jews. “Even as far back as the ancient world, when Roman authorities destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and forced Jews to leave Palestine.”(History Channel). During the Enlightenment Napoleon created a law that ended limitations on the Jews. Hitler assisted in the German army during World War I; the Jews were accused for the country’s defeat. Hitler was fixated with the idea of the dominance of the German race. “On January 20, 1933 Hitler became the supreme ruler of Germany.” (History Channel).

Some families heard that the SS officers were going to come and force Jews out of their homes and sent to concentration camps. The parents would hide their children in attics, boarding schools, and orphanages. It was easier for children to hide because they were able to blend in with the non-Jewish children. The Jews that could be easily identified as a Jew could change their name and convert into the Christianity religion. The Jews were extremely cautious that they would not get caught which would cause them to frequently move from one hiding place to another. Some of the children were sent to live with complete strangers so they wouldn’t be caught. Most of these children would not see their parents again.

The Jews were forced to evacuate their homes and go to concentration camps. “In September 1939, the German army occupied the western half of Poland.”(History Channel). During the Holocaust the Jews were not the only targets; Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witness, and socialists were also sent to concentration camps. Hitler and the Nazis though...

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