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    and he won a iron cross but he did rise above the ranking. After that Hitler becomes a leader of the Nazi. Second of all, after World War I, Hitler used violence and fear to kill the Jews. The Holocaust of was the systematic and persecution and the murder of six million Jews and there was other people that he killed to. Also the Holocaust is a Greek word and the meaning is sacrifice by fire. The Nazi came in January 1933 they believed that the Jews where racial. Also they attacked Russians. Also the

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    history was Germany under the Nazi regime. The Nazis did much harm in their plan for dominance. In 1941, the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, now called Russia. Code name Operation Barbarossa, was the largest invasion in the history of warfare and caused the largest number of casualties in history. The country of Poland was also taken over completely by the Nazi regime. The Nazis decided that the Polish state was to be fully cleared of all Polish people and settled by German colonists. Nazi Germany continues

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    Nazi Germany In December 1929, the German government faced a total financial crisis, facing a short fall of 1.5 billion marks in anticipated revenues. It occurred then that the world would lie in darkness, where deaths would override births dramatically, and where the lives of those of a different race, those opposed to the Nazi rule would lie. In the 1920's, Germany encountered a great mired in an economic depression. Millions of citizens suffered hunger and many remained out of work. The

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    Introduction (150 words) As a result of the Holocaust, a clear link can be made between Nazi racial ideologies and Hitler’s foreign policy. Firstly, Nazi ideologies were a fundamental facet to the Holocaust, as it included the philosophies of who constituted as a Jew, and the consequent treatment of those diagnosed as Jews. Secondly, Hitler’s foreign policies were another significant aspect of the holocaust, as it was a fundamental part in the construction of Hitler’s ultimate goal. Thirdly, the

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    genocides in history. Hitler and his Nazi party continued to test the waters with the rest of the world to see how far he could go until the other nations would react. Little to no action made by opposing nations drove Hitler and the Nazi party to the complete dehumanization of Jews and others with no opposing response by the rest of the world until the damage was done and a terrible mark on history was made. Background During World War Two, Hitler and the Nazi party planned out a systematic killing

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    Nazi Germany After World War I, or The Great War as it was known back then, Germany was left devastated both financially and, since German propaganda had not prepared the nation for defeat, emotionally, resulting in a sense of injured German national pride. But because Germany was “stabbed in the back” by its leftwing politicians, Communists, and Jews, or more colourfully known as the ‘November Criminals’, it was still widely believed that Germany had not truly been defeated. When a new

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    Nazi Germany "The most important reason as to why there was little opposition in Germany towards the nazi regime because of its propaganda" I agree with this statement because everything to a certain extent was propaganda, speeches posters and radio and the Hitler youth movements. So this statement is quite true In my essay I am going to show methods of propaganda, opposition to the nazis , how propaganda and what I think is the best method for controlling German. Methods of propaganda

  • Nazi Germany and How it Fell

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    country of Germany. But when a leader so called Hitler came to town, he was the Santa Claus of money for Germany. People worshiped him just his speeches bread haters. The cause of that was a war and the killing of many Minorities. Hitler was Germany’s Santa Claus yes but what he forgot to do was… give piece, if Hitler didn't kill the Minorities he wouldn't have put a gun in his mouth and killed himself . Also including why Societies fall can be very vital to many people and it was for Germany because

  • Nazis' Consolidation of Their Power in Germany

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    Nazis' Consolidation of Their Power in Germany When Hitler became chancellor in January 1933, he was far from achieving the amount of power that he ultimately gained during the course of the Nazi regime. There were various obstacles to overcome in order to gain total power and to fully consolidate the rise of the Nazis. Thus, the Nazis came to power in 1933 through various factors ranging from their use of violence to the use of propaganda in gaining support, as well as the ability to exploit

  • Nazi Germany and the Annihilation of the Jews

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    During the World War II, Germany was in the middle of the conflict as the state that unleashed it. Many countries were involved in this war, from North Sea to the Black Sea and Nazi Germany conquered and enslaved different countries. Ideology of NSDAP was prevailing and the fascism was spreading throughout the Europe, bringing chaos, destruction and fear among Europeans. However, when some people feared German power and conquer of their state as a result, others were seriously worried about their