Analysis Of The Hiding Place By Corrie Tenboom

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During the end of the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rose into action. Hitler is commonly referenced and linked with World War II, and has become famous for his brutal dictatorship in Germany. Adolf Hitler began the persecution of Jews with the belief that they were insignificant to the human race. Along with Jews, he believed that handicapped, mentally ill, and elderly people did not deserve the right to live. This horrifying genocide killed over 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe. 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in concentration camps and mistreated by the Nazis.
As common knowledge, people normally recognize the term “concentration camp” and immediately refer to the prison camps the Jews were sent to during the Holocaust. In Corrie Tenboom’s famous collective story of her imprisonment, The Hiding Place, she writes in visual description of exactly how the Jews were treated in these camps. Women were forced to stand naked in front of Nazi guards for not much reason at all and made them feel less than human and animalistic. The people were beaten and killed on a regular day basis. One of the worst parts of these camps were the barbaric gas chambers. Men, women, and children would be fooled and dragged into chambers in groups to stand and be slaughtered by the dozen. Concentration camps are what can be known as the cruelest and most barbaric part of World War II history.
Various concentration camps were spread throughout Europe and Germany. Around 9000 Nazi work and concentration camps were set up by Hitler’s strong army forces. Of these camps, the most well-known was most definitely the infamous Auschwitz. About 90% of the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust were killed in the gas chambers in Auschwitz. Located ...

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...ese events, it’s important to explore deeper into our world history and learn about our past.
The Holocaust was a genocide that can never be forgotten. Adolf Hitler was sadistic in his beliefs, and after the war, he killed himself. Sadly, it took millions of deaths for the war to end. In 1945, the war between the Allies and Axis powers had officially ended, but the war between our beliefs in God and the worlds’ view on our faith will never cease. As Christians, we will be ostracized for our love for Jesus until the day that He returns. The Holocaust taught people to realize that even in the hardest situations, there is always hope and always light at the end of the tunnel. The perseverance of the Jewish people is a constant reminder to never give up. Even in this massacre, there was an end. In this we see that the clear light of God shines through the darkness.
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