Differences and Similarities Between the Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide

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Since the beginning of mankind, there have always been genocides. Two of the biggest ones are the Holocaust and the Cambodian Genocide. The Holocaust was led by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during World War II. Hitler encouraged discrimination against Jews and other minor groups) that weren’t his “Master Race”. Those who weren’t in his “Master Race” were sent to concentration camps where they were either killed, or worked to their death. Over six million lives were lost. (“Genocide- Holocaust”) The Cambodian genocide was the attempt of the Khmer Rouge group frontrunner ”Pol Pot” to completely transform the rustic farming civilization of Cambodia very quickly to try to best match the Chinese communist agricultural model between the years 1975-1979. The Khmer Rouge group eradicated almost 2 million people, about 25% of the country’s population (“Genocide- Cambodia”). The Cambodian genocide and the Holocaust are similar in their classification, discrimination towards targeted groups, and discrimination of the people affected, but different by methods of extermination used and why they were killed.
The Cambodian genocide and the Holocaust are unique in the areas of by methods of extermination used and why they were killed. The Holocaust had different killing methods than the Cambodian genocide. Before some even made it to the concentration camps, “Einsatzgruppen - armed militias forming mobile killing units - follow the invading SS troops and commit mass slaughter of Jews throughout Eastern Europe” (“Genocide- Holocaust”). The existing camp at Majdanek, and also at Auschwitz (where a second camp equipped with huge crematoria and gas-chambers has been built), are adapted for slaughter (“Genocide”). These were called “Death Camps”. Ma...

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