Similarities and Differences Between the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide

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When people hear genocide they normally think of the Holocaust which was the persecution of Jews by the Nazi’s. This took place under Adolf Hitler’s rule but there have been other genocides throughout history. The Armenian Genocide is one of the many that have taken place. It took place in the Ottoman Empire between the years of 1914 to 1918 (“Armenian” Armenian). It started when the “Young Turks” took control of the government (Beecroft). The Holocaust and Armenian genocide are similar in the reasons that started them, but they are different in who was involved and how the two genocides were executed.
Even though there are differences the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust are very similar in the ways people were convinced to follow the government. Both of these genocides started with a change in government. The “Young Turks” who wanted one religion and one language told people that the Armenians were a threat to their national security and called all of them spies (Beecroft). They started with the intellectuals and the leaders. Taking their possessions away and not allowing them certain rights (Beecroft). This is similar to how Hitler told the people of Germany that Jewish people were the reason the war was going bad and they were the reason Germany was in such a weak state. Just like the Turks the Nazis wanted everyone to be the same but in a little bit of a different way. In the Holocaust they started with the political opponents (“Holocaust”). The Nazis also took away the Jews jobs and possessions (Bard 13). The taking of possessions and killings relate to another similarity between the two genocides. The Armenian Genocide was during World War 1 and the Holocaust during World War 2 (“Armenian” The fact the Arme...

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...their own opinion allowing all of us to live in a more peaceful world.

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