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  • Jews

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    Jews "The enemy trapped the Jews in the city by building a wall around it. Foodstuffs could not be brought in: starvation and crowded conditions gave rise to disease, and epidemics spread among the populace. But surprisingly the Jews held on. Then the enemy massed troops outside the wall and brought out the latest in weaponry. They attacked, using fire to spread destruction. The Jews repelled the enemy a number of times. So savage was the resistance that the campaign to destroy the Jewish population

  • Jews For Jesus

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    known organization is Jews for Jesus. They are simply spreading their thoughts about their own beliefs. However, while doing this, they are slapping the Jews in the face after turning their backs on their brethren. If they are really Jewish, then why do they believe that Jesus was the messiah? This essay will show what Jews for Jesus believes in, how Jews for Judaism contradicts their opinion, and both organizations' methods of gaining members and spreading their principles. Jews for Jesus is a Christian

  • A History of the Jews

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    Paul Johnson's A History of the Jews is probably the finest popular history of the Jewish people written in the English language, since its content is so terrifically enriched. The book is maybe written 15 years ago, but the exploration of the Jewish made it an incredible document. That is also a reason why they do reprints (My edition is the first one with the white cover) Johnson's history begins with the Bible and ends with the establishment of the State of Israel. And for that matter, it has

  • Stereotyping of Jews

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    times and has lasted throughout the centuries is that of the “greedy Jew.” Over the course of history, the Jews have discovered first-hand the destructive and gruesome effects that stereotyping has on a vulnerable people. The Jews have been and will continue to be objects of stereotyping unless something is done to stop it. The stereotypical Jew of today embodies a variety of definitive qualities. When most people think of a Jew, they think of a person with olive brown skin, curly dark hair, thick

  • Discrimination Of Jews

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    people in Europe horrible? Yes it was. Since the rise of the Nazis, Jews have lost many things. Jewish people have lost their citizenship, their protection under the law, and even their humanity. Nazis were very anti-Semitic and started to treat Jews very unfairly. Jew lost everything in their live and was basically treated like animals. Adolph Hitler was the main person involved with the setting of these laws. He claimed that the Jews were the cause of Germany’s downfall and that they were full of diseases

  • Cults And Jews

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    Cults And Jews Cults are becoming more and more of an issue for Jews every day. Many cults are beginning to target Jews. They say you can believe in Jesus yet remain a Jew, or many other things like that. It is important for people to educate themselves of these cults and their recruiting techniques so that they will not be taken advantage of by these cults. Cults now are very different than they were in ancient times though. The Jews, rather than being targeted by cults, were themselves a cult

  • Treatment of Jews

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    their religion, designed to weaken and destroy Judaism many Jews held on to their faith trusting in God to get them through all the appalling events happening in their life. Throughout centuries Jews moved from place to place; mainly because of exclusion and prejudice against them (Levy 8). They were set apart by religious differences, cultural differences, along with many others by many over a long period of time. In 70 AD when most Jews in Palestine under the Romans revolted, creating a Jewish

  • The Inquisition and the Crypto-Jews

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    were mass murdered. However, there exists another mournful and cruel period that marked the lives of many Sephardic Jews with secrecy and fear. One hardly hears about the harassment, rejection and humiliation of Sephardic Jewry in Spain, Portugal, and countries like Mexico, at the hands of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, which began in 1492. Due to these events, Sephardic Jews found themselves facing one of the most complex decisions of their lives and those of future generations; conversion

  • Jews in the Ottoman Empire

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    The economic lives of the Jews in the Ottoman Empire Are Jewish people ruling the world? How comes that all Jews are rich people? These kind of questions are considerable asked by Turkish people. Lots of conspiracy theories are created and they engage people’s attention. In other words, this issue creates lots of question marks in people’s minds. It would be pretty hard to find out who rules the world for an undergraduate paper but it is clearly possible to mention that Jewish people has always

  • The Merchant Of Venice - Jews

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    William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice contains many examples that insult Jews because they were the minority in London in Shakespeare’s time. Although many parts of the play could be interpreted as offensive in modern times, Elizabethan audiences found them comical. The majority of London’s population at the time was anti-Semitic because there were very few Jews living there. Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice supports anti-Semitism actions and thoughts and therefore proves that Shakespeare

  • The Jews In New York

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    Jews have been in New York before America even became a country. New York has always been a symbol of hope and opportunity for Jews for over 350 years. Jews’ cultural, social, economic, and political roles in New York have dramatically affected their lives both positively and negatively. Ever since 1654, Jews have been affected by New York through its cultural, political, economic, and social environments which has ultimately made American Jewry what it is today. To better understand the Jews of

  • Jews' Beliefs and the Holocaust

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    Jews' Beliefs and the Holocaust In the eyes of many Jews, the Shoah was the most evil act taken out on the Jewish community. 'Shoah' is a Hebrew word meaning 'desolation' and has become the preferred term for the Holocaust for Jewish scholars who believe the word 'holocaust' has lost its significance having been overused. 'Holocaust' is a Hebrew word meaning 'burnt offering'. Many people have different views into why G-d let this happen. In this section I will discuss what numerous writers

  • Jews in the 19th Century

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    Jews in the 19th Century During the 19th the status and position of European Jews changed frequently as the rights they had and the way countries tried to gain inequality changed dramatically. At the start of the 19th in France and Germany there was a great deal of anti Semitism between Jews and Christians, the French Christians could not accept Jews into their community. They thought of Jews as aliens

  • Martin Luther and The Jews

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    beneficial character towards the Jews; however, based on various historical proofs, Luther was not favourable towards the Jews in history. Contrary to some opinions of Luther’s kindness towards the Jews, his propaganda and extensive efforts to punish the people deem him to be a deceitful man. Although Luther appeared to be inconsistent in his emotions towards Jews, he was ultimately an anti-Jewish character in his era. Luther’s feigned benevolence toward the Jews obscures his underlying negative

  • Hungarian Jews and the Holocaust

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    and pain exist,” said Giuliana Tedeschi, a holocaust survivor (Tedeschi). The Hungarian Jews assumed they were the safest of all the Jewish groups and in the end suffered the most. Hundreds were shipped in cattle cars without supplies for days to concentration camps. Auschwitz, one of the furthermost used death camps was going under colossal change to prepare for the arrival of the unfortunate Hungarian Jews. Gas chambers, crematoriums, new staff including the SS, and barracks were all is renovated

  • The Holocaust's Effect on the German Jew

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    Adolf Hitler came to power over Germany in January of 1933. He hated Jews and blamed them for everything bad that had ever happened to Germany. Hitler’s goal in life was to eliminate the Jewish population. With his rise to power in Germany, he would put into action his plan of elimination. This is not only why German Jews were the main target of the Holocaust, but why they were a large part of the years before, during, and after the Holocaust. Hitler’s “final solution” almost eliminated the

  • Analysis Of The Massacre Of Jews At Kishinev

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    The history of the Jews in Russia has been in a state of despair. As critical historians, the value and worth of an article can only work by assessing the article in relation to the overall subject/topic. By analyzing the primary source document as a critical historian, “The Massacre of Jews at Kishinev” by N. Tchaykovsky, the value and worth of the article can be achieved. The article, “The Massacre of Jews at Kishinev,” describes the violent pogrom that occurred in Kishinev, Russia in the year

  • Discrimination Against Jews in Germany

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    Discrimination Against Jews in Germany Once Adolf Hitler had gained complete power of Germany as a dictator in March 1933, he set up policies to bring the country's people 'into line'. His desire to do this was fuelled by the belief that the German people were a superior race above all others, called the Aryans. He also believed that, in order to prosper, Germany needed to be 'purified' by setting the Aryans apart from such inferior races as the Jewish community. As soon as he came into

  • Christians and Jews In The Merchant of Venice

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    Christians and Jews In The Merchant of Venice In the play 'The Merchant of Venice', which was originally entitled 'The Jew of Venice' when it was written in 1598, I very much believe that the relationship between Christians and Jews is a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other. This means that there is no one good party within the play and no evil party within the play. Both religious groups are as good or as bad as each at some part in the play. The play may have been written

  • An American Jew

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    An American Jew In this large city of ours situated on big spinning ball, inside a vast galaxy, and even larger universe. We sometimes tend to leap out into the unkown embracing and fearing life on other planets, when we can not embrace life or learn not to fear life on our own planet. We as a society have formed our own barriers when those placed upon us have been removed. We rarely see mixed neighborhoods outside of large cities. Even in our own borough we can see this; for example Borough Park