Essay On The Holocaust Genocide

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What is genocide? “Genocide is a deliberate, systematic destruction of racial cultural or political groups.”(Feldman 29) What is the Holocaust? “Holocaust, the period between 1933-1945 when Nazi Germany systematically persecuted and murdered millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and many other people.”(Feldman 29) These two things tie into each other.The Holocaust was a genocide. Many innocent people were torn apart from their families, for many never to see them again. This murder of the “Jewish people of Europe began in spring 1941.”( Feldman 213) The Holocaust was one of the most harshest things done to mankind.
Whatever led to the Holocaust? Some state that Germany was devastated that they lost the first war. “ The Germans were forced to sign The Treaty of Versailles feeling betrayed.”( Aretha 11)
They used their hatred for the Jews as the reason why they lost, and using them as their scapegoat. Little did people know that “ The Treaty of Versailles led to the second world war, a war more terrible than anyone could imagined.”(Rossel 14)
Many people before the Holocaust, and before Hitler, still hated the Jews. But Hitler made it his goal to kill this imperfect race.“Born in Austria,Hitler served in the German army during World War One.”( The Holocaust) To him the Jews were an inferior race the needed to be eliminated. He thought that by using anti-semitism he would become more popular with the crowd. “While imprisoned, Hitler wrote,
“My Struggle,” where he foretold the war that would lead to the death of many Jews.” (The Holocaust)
The Jews were used as scapegoats by the Germans. They were treated terribly and lived in very poor conditions. Many of the Jewish children were put into homes,ther...

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...ven branded like cattle.
They starved to death and many got infections that were not taken care of properly. They were beaten for the simplest things and they were used as experiments. They were taken into gas chambers where they were tricked into thinking that they were taking baths. They lost their friends and family they were torn away from their children, mostly they were never seen again. In the final months of the war they were taken on marches killing off even more of them.When they came to their old homes ( even though some ceased to exist) they were still hated they were beaten and killed by rioters. Many were lost, but in the end there were survivors people that made it through this torturous place. “ No tiger can eat me no shark can beat me... even the Devil would lose his teeth biting me I feel it ; I will get out of this place.” - Fritz Loehner.( Aretha)
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