The Holocaust: Non-Jewish Victims

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After Germany lost World War I, it was in a national state of humiliation. Their economy was in the drain, and they had their hands full paying for the reparations from the war. Then a man named Adolf Hitler rose to the position of Chancellor and realized his potential to inspire people to follow. Hitler promised the people of Germany a new age; an age of prosperity with the country back as a superpower in Europe. Hitler had a vision, and this vision was that not only the country be dominant in a political sense, but that his ‘perfect race’, the ‘Aryans,’ would be dominant in a cultural sense. His steps to achieving his goal came in the form of the Holocaust. The most well known victims of the Holocaust were of course, the Jews. However, approximately 11 million people were killed in the holocaust, and of those, there were only 6 million Jews killed. The other 5 million people were the Gypsies, Pols, Political Dissidents, Handicapped, Jehovah’s witnesses, Homosexuals and even those of African-German descent. Those who were believed to be enemies of the state were sent to camps where they were worked or starved to death.

In these camps that these people were sent to, the Germans identified each respective group with a triangular patch sewn onto the people’s clothes. Each patch would have a color, denoting each person into their respective groups. There were also letters placed onto the patches which showed the country of origin of each person.

The Roma Gypsies, like the Jews, were chosen for complete genocide. Both groups of people were chosen completely based on their respective race. The Roma gypsies were not characterized by religion like the Jews, however, like the Jews; they were not respected throughout history and wer...

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...ny brought in Africans to help fight the war and some of these Africans married German women and had children. These children were labeled as ‘Rhineland Bastards.’ ‘Hitler said he would eliminate all the children born of African-German descent because he considered them an “insult” to the German nation’ (Non-Jewish Victims). The Nazi Party set up another secret group to ‘sterilize’ the children in hospitals. They would pull kids out of school and sometimes, without their parents’ knowledge. In all, there were only about 400 children ‘sterilized’ throughout the holocaust.

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