Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing

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I have learned a lot after I have carefully reviewed through the self-assessment (Bethel University, 2014). I have come to the realization that I have been battling some of the same weaknesses most of my life. Now that I have honestly identified some of my weaknesses and strengths in writing, I know that I have a lot of work to do to make myself a better person (Bethel University, 2014). I have honestly identified speaking, mathematics, positive visualization and optimism, seeking support from others, and self esteem and confidence as my weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). The common theme that I have found with my weaknesses involves my shy and quiet personality (Bethel University, 2014). I have a weakness when it comes to the geometry side of mathematics. No matter how many times that I take measurements for a project, I always have to make multiple trips to the store to buy more materials (Bethel University, 2014). I believe that …show more content…

I plan to improve my writing skills by reading my written work out loud to a trustworthy co-worker or friend who has great writing skills. After I write a paper, I like to read it again at a later time to see if I notice any misuse of grammar or run off sentences (Bethel University, 2014). The improvement of my writing skills will improve as I continue to write papers and cite my references (Bethel University, 2014). A few of the benefits of great writing skills are better written cover letters and resumes. Great writing skills will also mean great speaking skills, which will equal to a great job interview (Bethel University, 2014). With great writing skills, my strengths will continue to increase while my weaknesses continue to decrease (Bethel University,

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