What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing

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I believe my skills as a writer have significantly developed over this semester. I have been able to identify my weaknesses so that I can improve on them. In high school, I always wrote a basic paper consisting of the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. My introduction was extremely vague and basic, my thesis was incredibly weak, and my conclusion was just the introduction reworded. I started my conclusion with “in conclusion” and this semester I have been able to grow away from this habit. I can write even longer essays without much difficulty. One thing that helped me tremendously in class was the checklist for each essay. It helped me make a better outline and focus on important details of the paper. On my previous essays,…show more content…
I usually have an idea in my mind, but I cannot always put those words into a sentence that is grammatically correct. When I put these thoughts into a sentence it does not always flow, and sometimes my paper sounds out of place and repetitive. I tend to write papers how I speak instead of actually grammatically correct. I took the advice of proofreading my paper, as well as, have a friend read it for any grammar mistakes. Another major problem I have as a writer is figuring out how to start my essay in the introduction, especially the ones I had never written before. I have to seek help from others to learn how a certain introduction should look and it holds me back tremendously. I have never been a creative writer so I struggle with keeping an interesting paper for my audience. I always end up rambling in my papers. I typically like research papers because I can get information online to strengthen my points in my essay and this semester has focused more on personal experiences. I always preferred when a topic was given to the class, but this year I have been able to grow more independent. I have had to choose my own topic to write about and it has helped me grow more creative in my…show more content…
If a friend were to ask me for help on his paper, I would first help him pick a topic that he is experienced in so that he can write an interesting paper on his chosen topic. In addition, I would have him consider his audience so he can determine what kind of approach he would take on it. After, I would give him a checklist that he can go by throughout his essay since that is what helped me the most. Finally, I would proofread his work for any grammatical errors in his paper. These few steps have taught me how to write a better paper so I would go by these with others
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