My Ideas And Weaknesses And Strengths In Literature

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This class has helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses in literature. This has allowed me to grow and realize that I am a work in progress. I am confident that by the end of this class my big issues in writing will be improved. Each assignment in this class is helping grow and is making me into the writer I know I can be. I seem to learn better when I constantly read over the material I am studying. This allows the material to constantly be running in my mind. I am a person who will read or hear something and it usually sticks with me. I really haven 't had to study for long periods of time, because I usually remember the topic of what were being tested on pretty easily. I have also learned that I am more of a hands on person. I can learn things very quickly by putting them into action. Somehow that makes it click in my mind and helps me learn it. Mainly the study habits I can improve on is procrastination. This is usually hurts me the most. I will wait…show more content…
Since beginning this class I have found myself doing more research, so I can make the best paper I can. The more research and knowledge I gain about the topic, the better my papers have been. Before I started this semester I did enough to get by with my papers. This class has changed the way I go about my papers. I have been proofreading my papers more than I usually do and actually thinking deeper about my papers. By the end of this class, I would like to be confident in my literacy skills. I would like to improve in every aspect of literacy and this will make my papers much better.
I feel like my use with technology has not changed much throughout this course. I have been typing papers and doing research on them throughout my middle and high school years. The only little improvement I have noticed is that my typing accuracy and speed has improved. The more I write papers the better my typing will be and this will help me before more accurate and save
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