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English Composition II has unexpectedly improved my writing into an academic level. As I studied various English reading and writing courses, this class “English Composition II” did not immediately caught my eye. However as I researched about the concepts of this class, the decision to make was not so difficult since I was lacking in critical thinking and the interpretation of works. Also as a Business Major, it made sense that the subject of English would be of interest to me and as a career requirement. During the first weeks, I thought that I would be fully prepared for this course after taking an accelerated course in English during the spring semester. However, after attending class for about a month, I certainly did not expect to learn an entirely new process of writing …show more content…

As mentioned in the first paragraph, I believe that I have improved my writing skills based on interpretation of writer’s pieces. In my first draft for “Death Constant Beyond love”, my points were vague and seemed to be repeated in different parts of the paper which seemed that I had multiple statements. However, I did a deep analysis through my paper and located the key points of my ideas to create an outline that will drive the reader to only one conclusion, my thesis statement. In this essay I found my weakness but with hard work and multiple writing assignments I improved in a way that now I can focus in only one idea. For instance my thesis statement in this essay was contrasting as I wrote: This fiction symbolizes one of Marquez’s perfect examples of the magical elements that can highlight the disenchanted reality of the people, the critique of politicians, and to demonstrate that anyone is capable of changing. Since it is predictable that the best show for the audience, it is the one that makes anyone believe that their lives will be better if one is reelected.

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  • Explains that english composition ii has improved their writing into an academic level.
  • Explains that they are good at outlining their writing in the form of paragraph placement and thesis formation. their mid-term exam demonstrate well structure paragraphs mixing personal experience to literary pieces.
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