My Self Assessment Test

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The self-assessment test shows people their areas of strengths and weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). In order to achieve success people must learn to use their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The first step in this process is learning which skills are strengths and which are weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). After taking the test I was pleased to find I had more strengths than weaknesses. However, the test brought to light issues that I did not realize could be hindering my success. My management skills need the most improvement. My five weakest areas were self-management and emotional control, time management, money management, energy level, and seeking support (Bethel University, 2014). Common themes I found in my weaknesses…show more content…
Reading other works and broadening vocabulary can improve my writing skills (Bethel University. 2014). Over time, my writing will emulate the works of those I have read. Another way I can improve my writing strategy is to read my paper out loud to hear how the words flow. If a phrase does not sound right when it is read out loud, it should probably be rewritten (Bethel University. 2014). Also, it is important to take constructive criticism from people who read my paper, especially the opinions of the instructors (Bethel University. 2014). When specific issues are pointed out to me, I know where to focus my attention when trying to improve.
The benefits of solid communication skills go beyond the classroom. Those who communicate effectively stand out from their colleagues (Bethel University. 2014). Leadership roles are reserved for those who communicate effectively. Companies do not want to hire managers that cannot clearly communicate instructions to staff (Bethel University. 2014). School is the best place to improve these skills before entering a professional environment. When an essay is written for a class assignment, feedback is given. Which is not necessarily true for reports written in the
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