Strategic Plan Analysis

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In this strategic plan analysis paper, the writer will be evaluating their organizations mission, vision, goals, and objectives. Next the writer will discuss the relationship between quality and the management style of their organization and an organization that has adopted a TQM style of management. The writer will then move on to discuss the characteristics of the other organization TQM style and compare those characteristic’s to their own organization. Finally, the writer will briefly touch upon the organization practices that could be integrated into their own organization. Company Background Swift Transportation Company Inc (Swift) began operations in 1966 by the Moyes family. The original operation was conducted under the name of Common Market. Operating authority was purchased from a descendant of the Swift Meat Packing family, hence, today’s name of Swift Transportation. By 1984, Swift had annual revenue was in excess of $25 million. By 1990, with the passing of Jerry Moyes father and business partner Carl Moyes, Jerry became sole owner. Since 1988 Swift has acquired 11 different motor carriers (Swift Transportation Co. Inc., 1995-2006). Today, Swift generates over $2.5 billion in annual revenue and operates over 20,000 trucks. Swift’s terminal network has grown to 40 full-service facilities in the continental United States and Mexico. Swift also offers border crossing services to all major Mexican border crossings and many Canadian provinces. Swift is unquestionably the largest truckload motor carrier in the world. Swift’s significant revenue growth is attributable to internal growth with existing customers, as well as acquisition of external motor carriers (Swift Transportation Co. Inc., 1995-2006). Mission, Vision, Goals/Objectives Vision Swifts vision statement is brief and to the point. It states, “Swift will achieve excellence through Total Quality Management, profit improvement, innovation, advanced technology, and communication” (Swift Transportation CO. Inc, 2007, p. 4). There are several fundamental components of a vision statement. First, your vision must encompass your beliefs. Second, your beliefs must meet your organizational goals as well as community goals. Third, your beliefs are a statement of your values and a public/visible declaration of your expected outcomes, Four, your beliefs must be precise and practical and guide the actions of all involved. Fifth, your beliefs reflect the knowledge, philosophy, and actions of all. And finally, your beliefs are a key component of strategic planning. (National School Boards Association, 2007). Swifts vision statement encompasses many of the necessary components of a good vision statement. It is the opinion of the writer of this paper that Swift has covered all the essential components that a good vision requires to be an affect part of the company’s strategic plan.
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