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Gap Analysis After analyzing the Coastal Medical Center, it is apparent that the employees and staff have no conception of the mission, vision, and values of this health care facility. In addition to this lack of structure, CMC has many projects in the midst of production that lack support of a common goal, employees are unsatisfied with their jobs, the two boards lack ability to agree on strategic decisions for the organization,, and the medical center has a dismal reputation when it comes to quality care. It is obvious that there is a large gap between where Coastal Medical Center is and where they need and want to be. When comparing CMC’s competitors, Johnson Medical Center and Lutheran Medical Center, CMC needs to provide more efficient, high quality care and focus on more profitable priorities instead of funding multiple unsuccessful projects such as the fifty-three unfinished developments. Additionally, CMC lacks various aspects of internal structure. Within CMC, there are numerous issues with physicians. These issues include unlicensed physicians, malpractice cases, and several cases of abusing privileges including substance addictions. CMC needs to set up a system in which the physicians are reminded about renewing their licenses, held accountable for their actions, and face consequences when they do not adhere to these standards. Employee job satisfaction is also an issue faced by Coastal Medical Center’s staff. It is important the employees enjoy their job so that performance will be efficient and of higher quality. When employees are satisfied and happy with their job, performance improves and it becomes apparent to the patients. It was also mentioned that the staff does not have a chance to be heard b... ... middle of paper ... ...he operating margin, cash on hand, and days in accounts receivable as these have been major factors. The new system being put in place for the materials management system should be closely monitored, as it will determine the adaptability of the department. The reformation of the Governing Board can be justified through the successes or failures it creates while going through the restructuring process. It will be important to get feedback from employees and the CEO to see if conflicts arise. The new physical therapy center will continue to be monitored to see if revenues are as high as thought with the expansion of this facility. Overall, it will continue to be a process of monitoring, reevaluating, and gathering appropriate data to determine if the strategic plan being implemented is continuously seeking the values, mission, and vision of the Coastal Medical Center.

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