Organization Recommendations for Safeway

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Any successful organization in in the 21st century should have a mission and a vision. When an organization has a foundation and a purpose for existence, they will have the basic qualities of a successful establishment. To follow through with a mission, a vision must be created. A vision is based off of a company’s purpose for existence and formation of long-term goals. Without goals, an organization has nothing to work for and no reason to become successful. While working at Safeway, I was aware of the mission of the company and the vision that the company had.
This organization relied on the customers that walked through the door every day; this was evident in the mission statement. Their mission was to earn loyalty from customers through superior products, customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience. Additionally, this organization’s mission involved the pursuit to profitability and sustainability in a fluctuating economy. This mission was created to become the basis and the face of this organization; one of which will not be altered, no matter what changes or decisions that may occur (Daft, 2011, p. 406). In order to back up their mission, Safeway created a vision that would leave a lasting impression on their organization as a whole. Their vision is to earn loyalty of customers through the passion of their employees. This vision may not seem like a long-term goal towards the company; However, increasing the number of loyal customers in any business will increase the revenue over time. Additionally, having loyal customers will boost the reputation of an organization and allow new faces to experience what loyal customers were susceptible to.
While working at this organization I was aware of the mission and visi...

... middle of paper ... paced, yet comfortable work environment that every employee will be honored to work at.
In conclusion, this organization should focus more on their employees and less on profitability. This reasoning comes from the idea that efficient and appreciated employees will dictate the future of an organization through their quality of work and their outlook on the company they work for. Implementing rewards for employees and showing appreciation towards them will make them feel honored to work for such a company. In addition, word of mouth from employees will dictate in the inflow of new or current customers. If employees are treated fairly and respectfully, they are more likely to recommend their place of employment for shoppers. Finally, the implementation of a hybrid culture will benefit the company by meeting the needs of the employer, employees and customers alike.
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