Social Media Challenges

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Despite the benefits social media offer to the majority of the organizations, many companies also associate challenges with its adoption and use. With the advent of social media consumers have become more active in producing online content through which they have the ability to express their needs, form opinions, share information, evaluate products or services and create communities. As a result of this change in customers' behavior, companies nowadays have lost their absolute control over their online presence which transforms them from closed organizations to open creating often big variations in the structure and the company's culture (Kuikka & Äkkinen, 2011). Although challenges are numerous we will try to highlight the most common and important ones. One of the biggest challenges in social media is establishing a relationship with your visitors and maintaining a back-and-forth conversation (Zimmerman, 2010). A lack of engagement may presage a lack of brand recognition, loss of customer loyalty, and reduced referrals from visitors to their friends or colleagues. Another major...

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