Challenge Essays

  • The Challenge

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    The Challenge “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre.” (Gail Godwin) This statement can be proven time and time again in the classroom. Students can only learn so much sitting in their seats. Making the lesson into an adventure, letting students discover things on their own, hands-on, lets students feel that they have a part in what they get to learn and can grasp concepts better. Having this perception is almost essential in today’s classroom. Students are made to

  • A challenge to Materialism

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    problems of individuation and identity as they relate to Descartes. Hopefully, after explaining Descartes’ reasoning and subsequently offering my response, I can show with some degree of confidence that the issues of individuation and identity offer a challenge to the Cartesians’ premise of mind-body dualism. Before diving into a critical examination of these two issues, it would be wise to first discuss the basis of Descartes’ philosophy. Descartes begins his discussion of mind by first disregarding everything

  • Social Media Challenges

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    Despite the benefits social media offer to the majority of the organizations, many companies also associate challenges with its adoption and use. With the advent of social media consumers have become more active in producing online content through which they have the ability to express their needs, form opinions, share information, evaluate products or services and create communities. As a result of this change in customers' behavior, companies nowadays have lost their absolute control over their

  • Responses to the Challenge of Amoralism

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    Responses to the Challenge of Amoralism ABSTRACT: To the question "Why should I be moral?" there is a simple answer (SA) that some philosophers find tempting. There is also a response, common enough to be dubbed the standard response (SR), to the simple answer. In what follows, I show that the SA and SR are unsatisfactory; they share a serious defect. To the question, "Why should I be moral?" there is a simple answer (SA) that some philosophers find tempting. There is also a response, common

  • 3 Common Challenges for an IT Technician

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    Common IT Technician Challenges When most people think of an IT technicians the first thing that comes to mind is, they fix computers, but there are lots of challenges that occur throughout the day that people may not be aware of or think about often. IT technicians face a number of challenges on a day to day basis, other than just fixing computers, IT technicians deal with end users lack of computer knowledge and poorly tested system updates that sometimes cause system outages. The end users that

  • Sophomore Challenge Research Paper

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    A challenge can be defined in many different ways. The most universal definition of a challenge is some sort of difficulty that you face that impacts your life in one way or another. The hopes are that you’ll eventually overcome the challenge and grow from it. People face many different types of challenges throughout their lives, whether they be school-related or something far more personal. In my case, my difficulty came my Sophomore year of high school. At the end of my Freshman year, I got to

  • Challenge in Public High Schools

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    Challenge in Public High Schools Current public high school curriculum are simply too easy. Students are able to take too many easy classes that do not challenge them. This is the first point that needs to be focused on when trying to fix this problem. Within this one cause, there are many different solutions. However, I do not have the time here to name them all. I am going to focus on one particular recommendation that I believe would help the most. What could possibly be wrong with current

  • cultrual cultural deprivation the hispanic challenge

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    Cultural Deprivation: The Hispanic Challenge Why do some groups not succeed in academic settings? One theory brought up in “Understanding inequality” suggests that the gap in the socioeconomic status drives the inequalities in the school system. The low and working class have less time and income to intervene with schooling. This means they have less time to meet with teachers, hire tutors, and provide continuous transportation. Therefore the lower class can’t possibly compete with the middle and

  • The Challenge of Maintaining Quebecois Culture

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    The Challenge of Maintaining Quebecois Culture At first glance through Tremblay's article, "Is Quebec Culture Doomed to Become American?" he proposes that the vulnerable and threatened Quebec province is in danger of a cultural invasion by our Big Brother the United States. He fails to directly answer the question "Is Quebec Culture Doomed to Become American?" According to the statistics presented Quebec is hardly in such a bad state. The data outlined in the article assessed the degree of American

  • My Leadership Challenges As An AIT PSG

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    military career, I have been to many localities, and met many great NCO’s to gain expertise, and wisdom from. My biggest challenge as an NCO has been my stretch as an AIT Platoon Sergeant in Fort Leonard Wood MO. Being an AIT PSG you have many tasks you have to complete, and many soldiers you have to manage. There are leadership challenges in every job, but as an AIT PSG all of the challenges can be tested within a small period of time. On a daily basis, you deal with anything from pay issues with behavior

  • Sophocles' Antigone - Antigone Must Challenge Creon

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    Antigone Must Challenge Creon in Antigone In his "Funeral Oration" Pericles, Athens's leader in their war with other city-states, rallies the patriotism of his people by reminding them of the things they value. He encourages a sense of duty to Athens even to the point of self-sacrifice. He glorifies the free and democratic Athenian way of life and extravagantly praises those willing to die for it. In Antigone, Creon, Thebes's leader in their recent civil war, also must rally the patriotism

  • Challenge of Defining a Single Muliticultural Education

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    The Challenge of Defining a Single “Multicultural Education” As stated in the first paragraph of this article, “Multicultural education has been transformed, refocused, reconceptualized, and in a constant state of evolution both in theory and in practice.” Multicultural education is always changing. Culture is something that changes on a day-to-day basis. The way our society changes is no one’s hands, but our own. Multicultural education can be something that is as simple as a change in the curriculum

  • The Hardest Challenge I Ever Faced

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    The Hardest Challenge I Have Ever Faced I have meet with more than my share of difficult challenges. This one will remain with me always, occasionally playing over in my mind when I look at my son. It was April of 1993, the eve of Easter Sunday; my children and I were coloring Easter eggs in anticipation of the big hunt the following morning. The kids were excited and having a blast, especially my three-and-a-half- year old son Joey. With the eggs freshly colored and carrots left out for the Easter

  • College Admissions Essay: My Personal Challenge

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    My Personal Challenge The personal challenge that I faced mainly dealt with my health. Ever since I was child, I was very sick physically. The doctor recommended that I not play or participate in any type of sports because of my poor health. This led to a lack of confidence in myself to perform my best. I have always thought that there was a barrier somewhere in my life, and I could not pass that barrier because if I did then my life would certainly be in ruins. I was raised with the philosophies

  • Judge Posner's Challenge to the Philosophy of Law

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    Judge Posner's Challenge to the Philosophy of Law ABSTRACT: This paper presents a conceptual analysis of Richard Posner's empirical theory of judicial behavior. His theory opposes the conventional view which holds that judges are insulated from external pressures so their judicial decisions will be based upon a disinterested understanding of the law. Since economics holds that all people — including judges — attempt to maximize their utilities, Posner thinks that the conventional view is an embarrassment

  • The Use of the Peremptory Challenge in the U.S. Legal System

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    Use of the Peremptory Challenge in the U.S. Legal System Over 80 million Americans alive today have been called to jury duty at some point in their lives (Henley 5). Out of these 80 million individuals, roughly 30% (or 24 million) have been eliminated from the jury selection process due to the use of peremptory challenges (5). According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a peremptory challenge is a challenge that “need not be supported by any reason.” Although these challenges are commonplace in today’s

  • Analysis Of Daus Challenges Of Leading A Diverse Workforce

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    Leadership Challenges in Diversity The article, “Challenges of Leading a Diverse Workforce,” by Janice R.W. Joplin and Catherine Daus, discusses research that suggests six challenging factors when promoting diversity in an organization, along with proposed solutions to those challenges. The six challenges include, the Change of Power Dynamics, Diversity of Opinions, Perceived Lack of Empathy, Tokenism, real and perceived, Participation, and Inertia (Joplin, Daus 1997). The challenges and solutions

  • Free Huckleberry Finn Essays: Challenge to Slavery

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    Challenge to Slavery Adventures of Huckleberry Finn   In recent years, there has been increasing discussion of the seemingly racist ideas expressed by Mark Twain in Huckleberry Finn. In some extreme cases the novel has even been banned by public school systems and censored by public libraries. The basis for these censorship campaigns has been the depiction of one of the main characters in Huckleberry Finn, Jim, a black slave. Jim, is a "typical" black slave who runs away from his "owner," Miss Watson

  • How did pop art challenge beleifs in consumerism

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    How did pop art challenge beleifs in consumerism Introduction: In order to discuss pop art I have chosen to examine the work and to some extent lives of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol who were two of the main forces behind the American movement. I intend to reflect the attitudes of the public and artists in America at this time, while examining the growing popularity of pop art from its rocky, abstract expressionist start in the 1950s through the height of consumer culture in the 60s and

  • Discuss How Art Can Be Used To Promote, Reflect Or Challenge

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    Discuss how art can be used to reflect, promote, or challenge cultural beliefs. Art, throughout the times have reflected, promoted and challenged the cultural beliefs of many different societies. To reflect a culture or society the artwork must create or suggest a particular impression of that era. To promote the cultural beliefs of a society the artwork must encourage and support the beliefs. For the artwork to challenge the beliefs it must question tradition. Gislebertus and Michelangelo promote