The Importance Of Social Media On Business

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Communication is now instantaneous. Electronic communication has come a long way in the past century. It started with person to person communication via the telegraph, eventually evolving with devices like the telephone. Communication became quicker and the ability to mass communicate became available to a select few. In recent years further development of the internet has made it possible for an individual or a business to mass communicate on its own. Started as a way for individuals to communicate and connect with one another over the internet, social media has evolved into a valuable tool for business. Social media is not only beneficial to modern business, but necessary. The biggest reason social media is so important to businesses is…show more content…
From a public relations standpoint social media is a very powerful tool. It allows a company to instantly reach out to the public and receive feedback just as quickly. This can be useful when addressing customer complaints. In an article about social media and business: “Several companies have used Twitter as a fast way to solve problems. Hotels, airlines, and airports are using it to pitch services, travel updates, and respond to travelers needs.” (Burrus, 2010) Social media proved beneficial to these companies because customers not only appreciate that their problems are being addressed, but they also appreciate the speed at which the complaints were…show more content…
We can now connect with each other instantly over the internet. It is quicker and easier to communicate and share with each other now than it has ever been. Massive amounts of people access the internet every day, and a good number of them are using social media. This means that the ability to use social media and use it well is crucial for modern businesses. Whether for public relations or advertising social media is now one of the best ways to access consumers. Especially when it comes to younger generations, if you aren’t online you don’t exist. Social media is an excellent way to establish a presence in the minds of consumers. They can interact and establish a connection with an organization instantly. Social media is cheap and its everywhere. If a business hopes to compete in the modern world having a social media presence is absolutely
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