Google Analytics Case Study

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At the very beginning of the internet age in the early 1990’s, web analytics was only available to a few, large organizations that could sufficiently invest in its effective implementation. Small businesses were left in the dark in gaining insights about their website. The only viable option was to survey customers through the mail or in-person to evaluate whether they visit the site, when they visit the site, for how long they visit the page, and any recommendations that they had for website improvements. This approach can be relatively costly, and produce results that are unreliable. With the onset of Google analytics, small businesses were finally enabled to answer those critical questions regarding website performance without having to…show more content…
For example, a website for a local, single location pizza restaurant will find location very important to their search. Visitors from Nigeria will not be of much use for the pizza restaurant. They will use their geography to target the local audience. These companies in particular can link social media through their website to enhance their results. Since they are local, customers are more likely to be engaged through social media in order to drive results. Evaluating social media engagement can be critical, in order to determine whether customers are discussing a particular promotion or…show more content…
For example, blog writers will want to have their content shared throughout the world. Also, there are small companies that sell goods around the country, though the evolution of large companies such as Amazon has made this task challenging for many small businesses (though this is a discussion for another topic). Nevertheless, small businesses with customers around the world can benefit significantly from being found in web searches relevant to the goods or services being sold. A particular example of this is a small company in which I am currently employed. As discussed in class, this small company, Triad Scientific, sells new and used analytical lab equipment to pharmaceutical companies and research institutions throughout the world, even there is only one location and five employees. For this particular company, the aspects of Google Analytics that are particularly important are understanding the place of origin for internet users on their site. This is absolutely critical when evaluating advertising initiatives. After some time, some advertisements may be dropped, while others will be upgraded and improved based upon their performance in bringing users to the site. Ultimately, the hope is that more views on the website lead to increased sales for the

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