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    An average Twitter user, who does not practice an “information diet”, or a way of filtering the information one consumes, will follow friends, who will naturally share a similar belief system. As Clay Johnson does in his book The Information Diet, I encourage you to discover this subconscious phenomenon by looking through your Twitter feed and counting the number of people that you follow who share your political beliefs. Unless you’re already working hard to manage this, chances are majority of

  • Twitter: Twitter And The Real History Of Twitter

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    and the most addicting: Twitter. This site in particular has impacted people in many ways, good or bad. It has changed the way people act and live. According to “The Real History of Twitter,” Twitter was founded in 2006, and was originally created to be used by a company called Odeo. The Odeo company was going to use Twitter as a podcasting platform, but when ITunes created their own podcasting station, there was no need for another one (Carlson 1). Twitter is now used for keeping up

  • Twitter: The Powerful Analysis Of Twitter, Twitter And Twitter

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    particular linguistic creativity. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide a platform for the use of linguistic creativity. This paper will provide a coherent analysis of just such an instance of linguistic creativity as found on the site Twitter. Twitter is an online social media site that offers a way for people all over the world to communicate their thoughts and opinions, as well as share pictures, videos and links. Those who use Twitter are limited to 140 characters, called ‘tweets’

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    Twitter In today’s tech world, we are ever so interconnected to the internet with our smart phones and tablets. We are one tap away from reading the daily news, two clicks from the current weather forecast, and a voice command away from updating our status on our favorite social network. The ease of the internet and the ability to talk to real people from all over the world is astonishing. With over 7 billion internet users as of 2012, 230 million actively use one of the most popular social networking

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    itself out in the media for exposure is important. Millions of people use Twitter to promote different brands that they use every day. TDH Company should use Twitter. Twitter is a networking tool that connects people together and allows them to share things they care about. Therefore, Twitter is a good tool for marketing. Many people use Twitter in their lives to find useful information. According to Twitter for Business, Twitter is use globally and is available in more than 33 languages. Millions of

  • Twitter And Twitter Article Analysis: An Analysis Of Twitter

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    This article went in detail about an advertisement by Twitter that was shown during the Oscars on March 4, 2018. The commercial was made to address the current issues of women's rights and gender equality. This is one of the first commercials that Twitter has ever shown during the Oscars and they used the campaign #HereWeAre. The goal of this commercial was to spread awareness to the lack of women being promoted in the tech-industry. Twitter wanted to show that there are many strong, intelligent

  • Comparison Of Twitter And Twitter

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    The popularity of blogs, twitter, and YouTube has grown throughout the years. These certain social websites have been able to let people converse with people all around the world with just a click with a button. For example, blogs have let people write their stories and share them with the world to either helps others that are having the same issues or just to get their experiences and writing out there in the world for someone to read. In the end blogging helps others communicate and connect with

  • Twitter: The Future Of Twitter In The Community Of People

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    statements about ones life or simply to fill in time, Twitter will unquestionably satisfy any of these basic desires. It allows the user to follow favourite celebrities with a simple click of a button and gain an inside peek at their life. Sharing videos, pictures and thoughts is undoubtedly easy and requires minimal effort, and there is even an element of closeness as it grants the ability of remaining in touch with friends and family. Twitter began in 2006 after a small company by the name of Odeo

  • The Invention of Twitter

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    A recent and popular social networking site called Twitter rapidly takes trend in today’s generation. Twitter is "a free social messaging tool that lets people stay connected through brief text message updates up to 140 characters in length called tweets"(Twitter Dictionary). Tweets are seen publically by everyone who is a follower. These followers can like, comment or retweet these tweets for their own followers to see. This process is an ongoing cycle which gives “everyone the power to create

  • The Rise of Twitter

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    Rise of Twitter Twitter is an online social media network that users can interact though posting tweets. Twitter has around 115 million active users and is currently in the top ten most visited websites (Twitter Statistics). Twitter has become very popular since its start in 2006. At its start, Twitter only had 140 users, but according to “Twitter Statistics,” it has grown to over 230 million users today. A study has shown that from 2011-2012 tweeting at work increased by 700 percent. Twitter is most