Rhetorical Analysis Of Advertising

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Out in the world, there is a concept, an object, an idea, a service, something that drives its viewers and audience toward a product, appeals to their interests, develops questions in their minds, and piques their readers’ interests; these are referred to us as advertisements. Advertisements can consist of many things, and advertise many things – objects, software, hardware, a service, a restaurant, a shower hose, etc., and advertisements are everywhere; it is very difficult not to run into one throughout the day. These advertisements are not created simply to present something and that’s it, but are specially and specifically made by professionals to be directed toward the audience that affect them in several ways, which the intended results …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how advertisements are widely used throughout the advertisement world due to their consistent effectiveness. the advertisement targeted in this essay is by "u lucky dog."
  • Analyzes u lucky dog's advertisement in a denver and colorado exclusive magazine. the word "new" is defined by the oxford english dictionary (oed).
  • Analyzes how the content of the advertisement and its placement have a direct connection with the audience, which is the communication and discourse of people in denver.
  • Analyzes how the u lucky dog advertisement displays an award and a review stamp at the bottom left of the advertisement.
  • Explains that advertisements are incredible forms of communication, and are primarily used by companies to communicate with the consumer directly and indirectly.

Most of the time, these connections are through pictures about the product or service they are advertising, that also connect with the consumer’s life. The advertisement and its placement have a direct connection with the audience, which is the communication and discourse of people in Denver, or in Colorado in general. As stated previously, the advertisement is placed in a 5280 magazine, which is issued only in Colorado, and its target is dog owners in Colorado around the Denver area. However, there are other doggy daycare advertisements within the 5280 magazine, and the contents of this advertisement, pictures and text, are what make it stand out and are meant to attract the consumers and readers toward their doggy daycare over other daycares. For example, the advertisement by U Lucky Dog has a background of a happy little poodle, seemingly smiling at the reader. This picture alone exercises pathos, which represents emotional appeal, as it displays happiness from the dog that is assumed to be in the daycare in the advertisement, and this happiness from the dog is passed onto the consumer, who is happy to see that the dog is enjoying themselves. In addition to this, due to the rhetorical device of pathos, which represents emotional appeal, the owner will likely feel

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