Rhetorical Analysis Of Allstate Insurance Ad

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Allstate Insurance makes itself notable by employing a commercial that divulges a short story of the consequences that a distraught teenage driver can inflict while on the road. Its use of various visual and verbal elements makes the advertisement acutely effective since it seizes the audience’s attention with colorful and amusing displays, while alerting them to the dangers of uninsured vehicles in a memorable way. Moreover, the commercial’s tactful use of several fallacies serves to distract and humor the audience into being swayed by the company’s claims. In short, the advertisement combines all these tools into making an effective, persuasive, and interesting campaign. Allstate presents a very common and relatable brand of exigence, the emergence of reckless drivers during your day-to-day routine and how it causes situational and financial inconvenience. Because this is an issue that all drivers face the risk of, the range of audience applies to practically anyone with a driver’s license. Although, this infomercial does impact teenagers and their parents even more particularly by making this specific source of trouble embodied through an adolescent. The advertisment’s purpose is to remind you of the reasons why you should have insurance, by creating the scenario with a destructive girl. Beside that, Allstate wants to point out to viewers…show more content…
The line “And if you’ve got cut-rate insurance, you could be paying for this yourself,” is paired up with the visual of a woman, with groceries, running up to her recently mangled car, in dismay. The scene played out is supposed to make the audience feel the woman’s vexation and consider all the issues she might be facing, if she does indeed have bad insurance. Thinking in such manners might also venture some thinking in one’s own affairs, which helps Allstate being more ingrained in their audience’s mind and

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