Reflection Paper On Career Journey

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As I reflect and look at my career journey, I realize that I have not really had a career journey. I have held a few jobs; however, I have not had a job I would consider my career yet. Furthermore, I only worked for a couple of months in each of the jobs I had in the past. Currently, I do not have a job yet, and I realize that I am now 24 years of age and should be starting my way to my career. However, I have not looked into jobs in my career field because I feel as though I am not ready yet to start working in my field. I was only seventeen when I started working. I lived in a very small city that I downtown area full of different stores. During the summer times, most of the stores downtown would post job listings looking for young individuals who wanted to work during the summer season. I decided that I wanted to gain some work experience and decided to apply in one of the stores. The store I worked in was called Kid City; it was a clothing store for children. I enjoyed the job I had in the beginning; all I did was open up boxes and placed the clothes in the racks so the store associates could hang them up on the store racks. I enjoyed the job because I did not have to deal with the customers that came into the store. However, I was then moved to the front of the store to…show more content…
Intellectual stimulation will allow me to think and be on my feet without ever getting bored at the job. Furthermore, security and economic rewards will make feel as though I have a secure job with compensation for my duties in the work place. Structure, acknowledgement, and convenience are important but not as important. These are values that I look for in a career but will not affect my decision if they are not provided in the workplace. However, adventure and interpersonal contact are the least important value for

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