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Work History In society, most people will work for many different reasons. Some will work based on the needs of money to survive, some require money to feed their love ones, and some just need money for their own leisure. In life, most people work just to stay busy, and even work until it’s time for them to retire. When applying for a job, the employer will ask for a résumé or a job application. When the information is given, it contains a work history which is a detailed report of all the jobs that a person has held, including company name, job title, and dates of employment. Companies typically required that applicants must provide their work history when applying for a job. A person’s work history is used by prospective employers to verify the information that a person has provided and to be contacted by pervious employers for background checks.
When I was eleven years old, I knew that I could not work because I wasn’t old enough or even qualified to apply for a job. When I had nothing to do, I started hustling to make some money. Hustling at that time, meant that you were doing something positive to make money. I wanted to work because I needed money for things that my family could not afford. Hustling was not only a way to make money, but it also kept me out of trouble. During the summer and even on the weekends I would help out at
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From having no work experience and I was not old enough to work; I asked the manager if they needed help. By law in the 1990’s, underage children in Illinois was not able to work until they reach the age of sixteen. I knew that I was not of age to work, but I told the manager that I was willing help out in any way that I can. Based on my determination, the manager gave me a chance. I started helping by cleaning windows, sweeping and mopping floors, and running errands that he or she needed. Eventually, the manager liked how I worked and how determined I was to
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