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It is argued whether sociological theories are relevant in the modern day contemporary workplace. In order for one to come to a conclusion for whether the statement above is true or not, one needs to consider and understand Sociology’s role in society and the workplace to help understand how it can assist and benefit human resource managers in the workplace. For one to draw a conclusion, its important one examines the various factors. These factors include; what human resource and their everyday functions are as well as sociological theories from different perspectives, then conclude whether they are relevant or not. Sociology is a discipline that looks at the relationships which we human beings develop as we organise ourselves and how we are organised into our society. (Khoshaba, 2006) Sociology looks at how those patterns are influenced and how they influences by interactions and actions of others and how it would make sense when it comes to one’s life and identity. (Myers, 2012) One of sociologies defining characteristics is that it always relates its theories back to the way society in general is organised.(khoshaba, 2006) To sociology theorist’s, social action doesn’t take place in a social vacuum at whatever level it is at. It always relates it to the way society takes place, social structure and the wider culture. (khoshaba, 2006) Just like in everyday social life, when sport teams want to improve or just have a position vacancy, the calls for a professional to find that new talent. In organisations those professions are the human resources (HR). HR staff start searching for people to recruit. Recruitment plays a vital role in creating a great team; from a group of candidates, HR staff use their knowledge and experience to ... ... middle of paper ... ... in society, contemporary workplaces are diverse with people who hold different ideologies. Therefore, sociology is very vital for human resources and their everyday role. Functionalism requires one to fulfil some social gaps and to establish and maintain social order of society and how all its parts are interrelated together. As human resource staff play the part that maintains social order, sociological theories would be necessary to take into consideration and should be applied into the everyday functions, this is necessary to ensure there is order, equality, productivity, harmony by ensuring both organisation and employees are heading towards the same direction. Ultimately, having all those values will give the organisation a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the best employees; it will also lower conflict and ensure the business runs smoothly.

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