Reflection Analysis

Through this semester, I have learned a lot of writing skills and techniques. The learning process of this course is not smooth, there are many difficulties and issues I have meet during this semester. However, in the meantime I also revived many benefits from this course. I think the skills and techniques I learned from this course not only make me able to pass this class, but also is valued for my future academic journey. Throughout the whole semester, the project demanded the most from me among three writing project is the last one, the writing project 3. The writing project 3 demand me to find serval sources that is related with my topic, and paraphrase authors’ viewpoint in my own words. In my opinion, one of the most different points of writing project 3 with other two writing project is require cite from serval different sources. In other writing project, the points I concreted the most is did I follow the instruction and from the structure of the essay well. In the writing project 3,…show more content…
The reason of I fell proud about writing project 1 is although I do have some difficulties during the process of finish this project, I really put my effort on it to solve the problems, and learned from it. from the writing project one, I have learned audiences’ awareness. In my view of point, it is a significant writing technique for writer. As a writer, I ought to compose a good writing, which is not only meet the requirements of the assignment, but also attract audiences’ attention. It means when I am writing a piece of writing, I should always become aware of whether my audiences will be interested in what I write or not. In the meantime, I should use the tense or language my audiences can easily understand. After finished this assignment, I think I not only learned how to have audiences’ awareness in my essay, but also have a capability to apply that skill in the future

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