Literacy Reflection

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Throughout this semester I have learned many ways of writing through two main essays literacy narrative and comparison and contrast. These two essays have taught me how to correctly fix my comma splices, thesis statements, and capitalization. I have engaged in numerous learning material during this summer class. Many times when I thought it would be hard to work on those three developments I never gave up. I gain more positive feedback from my teacher because he pointed out most of my mistakes I made on both literacy narrative and comparison and contrast essays to help me understand what is it that I need to work on. My development as a writer became stronger. Comma splices is one of the hardest things I could not catch on to, even though it …show more content…

In my literacy narrative essay I talked about how I wrote my research paper and my English teacher said some of the phrases I capitalized didn’t need to be. I kept saying to myself how my capitalization was wrong when I supposing went by the book. I never stressed so much in my life until it came to that research paper. As I was going into English 101 in college I was afraid of doing a research papers. Explaining things to me one time will not sink in my brain, but I got over it, and just tried to do what I needed to do. It was time to do a comparison and contrast essay in English, and I did mines on IPhone and Androids. Deep down inside I just knew it was going to be hard for me because I didn’t know whether I should capitalize android and IPhone throughout my essay. Seeing examples of research papers made me feel more confident about my paper. I turned my paper in praying that I used good capitalization. Overall, I still did not get do good on my capitalization because I would capitalize my words at the wrong time. I made a few other minor mistakes, but capitalization is something I still need to work

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