My Reflection On My Experience In The English Class

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Gabe Over the period of time that I was in this course, I thought it would be a very simple and easy to finish class. But as time went on, I found myself to be demanded more of what I think, what I feel, what must be relied on my ability to understand the concepts and conventions of not only the essays, but of what goes on in the writers mind when writing. Though it isn 't just about the writing that has captivated me over the course period, it is the fact that I had to undergo an evolution of what I considered to be okay in writing. Things I found to be passable are now considered to be mediocre in the expense that I did not pay attention to the small bits of detail there was. The course was not at all a challenge, however the real challenge …show more content…

I remember English class in high school and I thought it would be the same information so this class would just be a review and the hardest assignment would be to write a one page essay. I thought I could write any paper and make a A on it. As the time went by I realize this was not true. I started working on my attitude towards the class, what I learned and my weakness. First my attitude had to changed for this class. When this happened I started taking extra time in my assignments and in my reading. This happen when I turned my paper in a different format and my teacher could not open it. She gave me a bad grade. Then I question why I had got a bad grade because according to my believes I had done a good job on the essay. She then told me because I did not send it to her properly and she could not open it. So I resend it and instead of checking to make sure she could open it. I forgot to check. Two weeks later I check my email and I saw a message form my teacher saying it was not acceptable that she had given me time to turn it in and I had not. That incident made me think about how much time I was putting into my classes. So I managed to make it into a PDF document and send it to her but by that time I had already made my grade drop.That incident had the most impact on me and in all my classes, especially in my English class. It told me that I need to check …show more content…

I keep an archive of school work from past semesters of college and even high school. So I opened it up and looked through a few essays I had senior year at my high school. It quickly became apparent to me that although my writing style was consistent and slowly got better over those years, I still made some of the same mistakes in paper after paper. I tended to just throw out the idea I had in my head at the time onto the page. Yes I did manage to transcribe my meaning from my head to the text, but more often then not you couldn 't tell because It was buried under mountains of unnecessary text and formatted

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  • Opines that the course was not a challenge, but the real challenge was what they had to accomplish to get to this point.
  • Analyzes how the quote above is an example of that literary evolution that they had undergone. they had to self-identify themselves as a person of character.
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