Reflection Analysis

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At the beginning of the semester my outlook on this course was not so good. I was not looking forward to giving speeches or learning things that seemed like common sense, but as time went on I could tell that I was actually taking things away from it. I have learned that I am not so good at coming up with things to say under pressure and I get extremely nervous when I have to talk in front of people that I don’t know well. Oh wait, I already knew those things. This class has motivated me to strengthen my social skills and has also taught me how to effectively work in a team environment through the team communication consultant project. I will show this by analyzing my teams strategic plan, the cohesiveness of the team, and the productivity of the team.…show more content…
The group started off pretty strong by following the team strategic plan fairly closely. We were unable to follow it as we had hoped because of our conflicting ever changing schedules and the lost track of time. Our ideas were slow coming and the two breaks within the semester lead to this loss of time. I believe that our plan would have been very effective if the subject was one that we were more motivated about. For these reasons I find our plan neither effective nor ineffective, but rather our plan was not entirely executed as we had planned. We made it work but not to its greatest ability. As a team member I was almost always available to meet but found my task of completing the second and third main point transitions difficult. It didn’t help any that I continually put it off and had other urgent work to do. Even though we weren’t able to stick to our goals for the project I believe that my team is still happy with where the project is at the present
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