Quantitative Research Methodologies

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Research methodologies are critical elements in research since it determines the type of finding at the end of the research. This paper critically outlines the different research approaches applied in academic journal articles. It includes; 1) a quantitative research approach which involves the collection and conversion of the data into the numerical forms to allow room for the statistical calculation and conclusion, 2) the qualitative research approach that involves recording, analyzing and even endeavoring to uncover a deeper meaning and the significance of the human experience and behavior (William & Laurence, 1989, p. 135), that uses inductive reasoning, that develop a theory of meaning based on the data collected and 3) the pragmatic approach…show more content…
For instance, if the research intends to find out whether background sounds has any impact on the restlessness of the residents in the nursing home, the researcher should be sure of the type and volume of music, what is being considered as positive music and even the meaning of restlessness as per the research. These are the factors which need to be considered, controlled and prepared prior to the research. Also in the quantitative research approach, the researchers take care of the external factors which also affect the results if they are not controlled (Jean,…show more content…
Therefore, the only way in which the researcher will include the views of the whole group is through sampling of the wider population or the group. But the generalization should only be based on the level of involvement of the population. In addition, the level of generalizations depends a time on the people who are participating in the study (Will & Jan, 2002). Random samples are mostly used so that all the participants are given equal chances to participate. Most of the quantitative consumer research conforms to the statistical studies, but the qualitative research is less concern with control, but they are concern with the interpretation of the phenomena (Payne & Wansink, 2011,

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