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The aim of this paper is to explore and critically analysing two research articles. The critical analysis will explain the importance of the study, evaluate design and research method used in those articles. To identify any gaps it will provide the literature review in those researches and possibility for the new study. The project plan, for the possible research will be developed on a potential gaps and the essay will finish with the conclusion.
A study in 1997 points out that in the UK between 38-57% of people, in long-term care, have a moderate to severe form of dementia (Elliot et al 1999). Most recent information shows that in the UK almost 800,000 people are affected by dementia, which translates into a financial burden costing £23 billion a year to the economy. It is also predicted that by 2040, the number of people affected by the disease is expected to double (Alzheimer's Society Dementia Report 2012)
This condition is preceded by a decline in the baseline performance that is thought to be abnormal for the person’s age and abilities. Mild cognitive impairment is characterised by beginning of changes in memory as well as performance of daily. Severe cognitive impairment is compounded with the more serious loss of performance of the mental processes, resulting in that a person cannot live on their own (Fann et al, 2005). The health, social and economic impacts of cognitive impairments are clear to many health care providers. However, there has not been enough national attention given to this health concern.
According to Zwakhalen et al. (2006), half of the people in nursing homes are cognitively impaired. Most evidence suggests most of elderly people have persistent pain, which cause unnecessary distres...

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