Quantitative Research Methods

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This essay is going to critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using surveys and questionnaires as a method of Socio-Legal research. When conducting socio-legal research, a number of methods can be used to collect useful information.
Focusing on surveys and questionnaires, there is a small difference. Questionnaires gather the information from different respondents while a survey is the systematic collection of information from different individuals . Qualitative and quantitative research is the two main functions of research. They both hold different views.

Quantitative research may be seen as the less contentious of the two because it is more closely aligned with what is viewed as the classical scientific paradigm. Quantitative research involves gathering data that is absolute, for example numerical data so that it can be examined as unbiased as possible. The main idea behind quantitative research is that it is able to separate things easily so that they can be counted. The researcher generally has a clear idea of what is being measured before they start measuring it, and their study is set up with controls. Qualitative research on the other hand is a more subjective form of research, in which the research allows themselves to introduce their own bias to help form a more complete picture. Qualitative research may be necessary in situations where it is unclear of what is exactly being looked for in a study, while quantitative research generally knows exactly what it is looking for. Questionnaires and surveys are quantitative socio-legal research, because it is the collection of numerical data, or data that can be easily being turned into a numerical form. In terms of analysing quantitative data, Excel is the b...

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...-legal helps to bring about a better understanding of the law and postgraduate scholars would do well to prepare themselves with other research methodologies.

Focusing on surveys and questionnaires, and quantitative research methods, it varies on the person getting questioned as to which method they prefer. Some individuals may prefer to fill in a questionnaire, as it is quick and simple for them, whereas someone else would rather have a face-to-face interview because they may find questionnaires to complicated. Giving people the choice gives the more chance of getting a response overall. It is important that the researchers are aware of the advantages and disadvantages because they will then be aware of what method to use, and will know what method is best to use. It is also an advantage to work with experienced researchers in order to find out the best results.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using surveys and questionnaires as a method of socio-legal research.
  • Explains the difference between surveys and questionnaires. questionnaires gather the information from different respondents while surveys are the systematic collection of information. qualitative and quantitative research hold different views.
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