Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Introduction This paper presents a dynamic model on the consumer behaviour on the real world marketing issue. It will further discuss the marketing and industrial experiences encountered daily in everyday business life, in addition is the Consumer behavioural issues and consumer analysis or recommendations. Research studies has argued that industries or companies experience lots of issues in awe to the logistics of their daily routine, giving them the knowledge that can be used to anticipate incoming situations with the way of tackling problems. However, with the familiarity and repeated external occurrences in the marketing scope of an industry there are many implementations carried out in solving such problems without complexity. In any industry if the external occurrences are novel, the industrialist structural understanding will lack concrete account of the situation, thereby using old attitude in solving current occurrences. In so doing, there is the tendency of disaster or failure since the result does not get closer to the consumers expectation, hence they device new approach of solving recent occurrence by using the trial and error process in addition to experimentation. The process of surrogating will therefore be tested in the market for the consumer’s appraisal, and once it works then it will be settled on. Although industries do not actively become accustomed to the consumer behaviour or external environment, but by the use of their imagination, they create an environment to which they will become accustomed by means of learning, experimentation and trial an error. Given that consumers have different tastes and expectation in the rapidly changing world, the industries visualization and protrusions are again subject ... ... middle of paper ... ... of consumer behaviour, lays emphasis on the objectivity of science and the consumer as a reasonable and sensible decision maker. While, the interpretive point of view is in contrast to that of the positivist, in that it emphasises on the importance of the subjective meaning of the consumers individual experience, hence, it suggest that whichever behaviour a consumer performs is subject to diverse interpretations to a certain extent than just a single explanation to it. In conclusion to this I think that marketers do not have the ability of controlling the consumers need through the process of efficient marketing methods. However, the marketers can successfully market products by taking the process of demographics and psychographics into consideration, while this will profitably market their products to the intended consumers hence increase in the demand or need.
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