Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

I began my college education in 1987. I attended two full years and one part-time year before accepting a position with an engineering firm in 1992. I was employed there for the next nine years and was promoted three times. Even though this was a good stable career, I was not satisfied. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I never gave up hope and continued to take a class when I could. In the fall of 2001, I had the opportunity to work part-time and finish my degree. I am so excited to achieve my lifetime goal of becoming an educator.

Almost everyone has a teacher they remember. Some are remembered for being a positive influence. Others are remembered for negative traits they exhibited. Often times a student never forgets the impact a certain teacher had on the outcome of their lives. My goal is to be the teacher who puts forth the extra effort for my students so they may achieve all their dreams. I would like to be the teacher students remember, not because I was nice or made things fun, but because they were challenged to learn.

Within my classroom, I hope to create a nurturing environment so each child can learn to his or her fullest potential. Being a teacher carries so much responsibility. In addition to teaching each child effectively, you are also a role model and example in your classroom. Children model behavior they are exposed to at home as well as at school. Principals, teachers, coaches, and aides should be...
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